Call for Abstracts

Submissions are now closed for the inaugural “Integrated Project Engineering Congress” (IPEC) being held from 26-28 May 2021.

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Due 13 November 2020- 5:00PM AEDT
Notification of AbstractAcceptance/Decline 4 December 2020 - 5:00PM AEDT
Full Paper Submission Due 15 February 2021 - 5:00PM AEDT
Notification of Full Paper Acceptance 8 March 2021 - 5:00PM AEDT
Final Submission with Changes Due 22 March 2021 - 5:00PM AEDT
Accepted Presenters must be Registered by 22 March 2021 - 5:00PM AEDT
SESA Tutorials Day
(Not included in Full Registration)
26 May 2021 - 5:00PM AEDT
IPECongress  27-28 May 2021


Abstracts for IPEC must be submitted by following these easy steps:

  1. Choose your presentation type
  2. Choose your stream
  3. Choose your sub-theme

Presentation Types

Below are the presentation types you can choose to submit your abstract under:

Industry (Paperless) Presentation / Abstract
Submissions are invited on case studies and practical experience in the form of a presentation, with the abstract to summarise the content aligned with the congress theme and sub-themes. Invited authors are encouraged to submit an abstract. Please note no full paper is required for this format

Research and/or Application Full Paper
Submissions for refereed papers are invited for oral presentations, the paper should be aligned with the congress theme and sub-themes and are subject to formal peer review by the congress technical committee.

Panel/Forum Discussion Sessions
Submissions for this format encourages the exchange of ideas and experiences on various subjects by researchers, practitioners and other experts. Persons with differing points of view are encouraged to create a dialogue and promote interaction with participants.

Submission for Tutorials are for the SESA Tutorials taking place 26th May 2021.
Submissions are invited for half a day or full day sessions that provide training or knowledge transfer on a specific topic relevant to Systems Engineering, Test & Evaluation, Knowledge and practice aligned with the congress theme and sub-themes.  Submissions are reviewed by the congress technical committee for inclusion in the program.

Authors are to select the most appropriate stream which they believe would best fit their submission:

  • Systems & Test
    Seeking abstracts for refereed papers or industry presentations from Industry, Government or Academic researchers or practitioners in the disciplines of systems engineering, test and evaluation. Topics can be from any domain where systems engineering is practised, including Defence, Transportation, Telecommunications, Energy and Health. Contribution to the body of knowledge could relate to current research and practice in areas such as Agile and Model-Based Systems Engineering,  Lifecycle processes, Human-System Interfaces and Socio-Technical aspects, Competency development and standardisation,  Risk and Resilience, Leadership & Management and methods for developing complex systems.
  • Project Controls
    Abstracts from across government, academia and all industry sectors and domains are invited to be associated with this congress.

    Theoretical, Technical and Industry abstracts are encouraged. If your experience has aspects that relate to: innovation in the project controls areas; integrated setup of project controls, WBS planning, software planning and integration; planning and scheduling and time management; leadership & management estimating; cost control and cost management; risk management and cost and time contingency assessment; decision analysis; claims analysis, be they cost or time or both; procurement and contract administration as it relates to project controls; applied in any size engineering, infrastructure, defense and other project/industry types.
  • Risk
    Abstracts from across government, academia and all industry sectors and domains are invited to be associated.
    Both Technical and Industry abstracts are encouraged. If your experience has aspects that relate to: innovation; leadership & management; loss; insurance; contingency; planning; assessment; decision analysis; estimating; quantitative or qualitative methods; risk management or of course risk engineering; applied in any size engineering project.
  • Integrated Project Engineering
    Technical and industry abstracts from any industry sector or engineering discipline or college, from government or academia are invited, especially where the abstract relates to the integration of project engineering and collaboration.

    If your experience relates to: Capital Projects and Lifecycle, Sustainability and Resilience, Technology and Data, Human Systems and Culture or Governance and Assurance but sits outside of Risk, Project Controls or Systems and Test please submit it to the Integrated Project Engineering theme.

Once you have selected your presentation type and stream please select one of the below sub-themes to submit your Full Paper or Abstract/ Industry Presentation Submissions for IPEC must be submitted under one of the following sub-themes:

  • Capital Projects and Lifecycle
  • Sustainability and Resilience
  • Technology and Data
  • Human Systems and Culture; or
  • Governance and Assurance

If you require further information on these sub-themes please click hereIf you wish to submit a Paper or Industry Presentation/Abstract submission for consideration by the Technical Committee, you must also intend to register for the congress.  Online submission is the only accepted method for all submission types.

General Policies and Requirements for Abstract & Full Paper Submissions

Abstract Submissions

Important Information

  • Authors may submit multiple abstracts.
  • A maximum of two people can present an abstract but both presenters must be registered to attend the congress.
  • Authors to review the Abstract Submission Guidelines - click here
  • If the abstract is selected, consent is provided for the presentation slides (for oral presenters), video, audio recording and photos taken during the oral presentation/poster presentation to be used and published by IPEC 2021 including being provided to delegates of IPEC 2021.
  • Online submission is the only method for submitting abstracts/papers for IPEC 2021.
  • Following abstract acceptance a final abstract must be submitted in order to present at IPEC 2021.

Post submitting

  • Upon paper submission, authors will be sent a confirmation email containing their abstract in a PDF file. Please contact [email protected] if a confirmation email is not received.
  • Comments from reviewers will be provided by 4th December2020
  • Once review comments have gone back to authors all accepted final papers are to be submitted via the online presentation portal by 15 February 2020
  • The initial draft program will be made available by 4th December 2020
  • Successful paper submissions will be included in the RMIT Informit Engineering Collection. Papers published on RMIT Informit Engineering Collection are findable via Google Scholar (and Google); NLA; EBSCO; OCLC; Summon and other database aggregators and search engines.

Access to Abstracts and Papers

All registered delegate will have access to abstracts via the app during the conference.


  1. By submitting an Abstract/ Industry Presentation authors agree to the general policies and requirements listed Speaker/Author agreement.
  2. Accepted presenters must be registered for the conference by 22nd March 2021
  3. All presenting authors are required to register and pay to attend the congress to ensure their submission is included in the final program, no funding or discounts are available to presenters.

Members of Engineers Australia can claim CPD hours for presenting at and attending IPEC 2021.